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'Causing death by careless driving'
July 2015
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'The new law of drug driving - S5A'
April 2015
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'Don't let your Christmas Car Journey Become the Road to Hell'
December 2013
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'One to Watch'
July 2013
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'Fixed Penalties for Careless Driving'
July 2013
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'Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce - Lessons Learnt'
April 2013
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'Huhne and Pryce – Exceptional Hardship?'
March 2013
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'Surely I am not over the limit officer!?'
December 2012
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'Dispelling a few common motoring law myths
August 2012
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'Thinking of taking penalty points for somone else? Think again!
March 2012
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'One for the road?'
December 2011
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'Caught on camera?!'
December 2011
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A very ‘Merry’ Christmas could cost you your licence!
December 2010
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Beat the ban! How to make your argument to keep your licence“exceptional
July 2010
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Just the ticket! How to avoid points on your licence
November 2009
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Know your rights and your limits
June 2009

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