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Speeding prosecutions generally go unchallenged with motorists simply accepting speeding convictions. This can, however, lead to a motorist receiving unnecessary points on their driving licence which can mean that they can be banned under the “totting up” provisions or they could receive a driving disqualification or even a charge for dangerous driving. However, unjustified trust is put in the accuracy of the speed cameras by the public. In the case of mobile cameras our specialist motoring law solicitors frequently find that they are not correctly used by police. If, therefore, you believe that you simply were not driving at the speed alleged then contact our road traffic solictors for expert quality advice. Please click here for further information in relation to speed cameras.

Our experienced team of solicitors are used to defending such allegations at courts throughout the South West including Bath, Bristol, Chippenham, Swindon, Stroud, Salisbury, Taunton, Weston Super Mare, Yeovil, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Reading, Winchester, Basingstoke, Oxford, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Poole and Exeter.

Before you can be prosecuted for speeding you must be issued with a notice of intended prosecution either verbally  if the police officer stopped you, or in the post. If you receive such a notice we strongly recommend that you seek immediate legal advice from our specialist solicitors

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The Penalty

Three to six penalty points must be imposed unless there are special reasons. Also the Magistrates have a discretion to disqualify for any period and/or until a driving test has been passed.

Even if you are guilty of speeding we recommend that you contact our motoring solicitors  immediately. Our solicitors are especially skilled at putting quality arguments to the Magistrates Court as to why they should not exercise their discretion to ban you and also as to why they should be lenient in relation to the number of points that they impose on your driving licence. Also if you become a “totter” under the “totting up” provisions i.e. you receive 12 penalty points or more and are facing disqualification, then we may be able to argue exceptional hardship and thereby help you keep your driving licence. We have over a 95% success rate in relation to such arguments.

Additionally, if you are guilty of speeding we may be able to persuade the Magistrates' Court to not impose penalty points on your licence at all by successfully arguing special reasons. Such an argument could for instance involve arguing that speeding was justified because of a medical emergency.

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